Maharashtra - Online Tenant Police Verification from the End of August

Policy Update Aug 17, 2022

By the end of August, tenants in Maharashtra who register their leave and licence agreements with the Registration Department will no longer have to visit a police station for verification.

Earlier, online verification was restricted only to residents of Mumbai and Pune. However, the infrastructure is being put in place to facilitate this across the state.

Even though there is no law that explicitly mandates police verification of the tenant of a property, under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code, the owner of a property may be held responsible for criminal offences carried out by the tenant. Punishments range from a monetary penalty, to jail time. Police verification is therefore an important component of tenancy.

The Registration Department, in an effort to expand coverage from just Mumbai and Pune, is now mapping all 1130 police stations across over 44000 villages in the state. This would mean seamless availability of data for officials, eliminating the need for citizens to upload or update data in multiple locations.

For example, a police station, instead of having to wait for the citizen to provide information and documents separately, would have access to relevant information as data will be synchronized across departments.

In order to complete police verification in an analog manner, an individual would have to go to the police station and obtain a form which would require details such as:

  • Identification information about the owner, such as the PAN
  • Tenant details such as name, permanent, and proof of occupation
  • Details of 2 references for the tenants

More than 80,000 leave and licence agreements are registered in Maharashtra every month. You can learn how to register a leave and licence agreement online here.

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