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Our mission

At TEAL we are a team of engineers, researchers and lawyers committed to solving multiple problems associated with the state of land and property records in India. Join us on our mission to radically reimagine transparency and efficiency across the entire real estate transaction value chain.

Genesis of TEAL

When we conducted research on the housing market in India in previous engangements, we understood the primary pain points that inhibit the growth of affordable housing, seamless transactions and greater transparency in the sector. Realising that lack of information on title and valuation hampers both investments and the ability to leverage property assets for financing, we decided to start TEAL.

At TEAL we aim to create the largest centralised repository of title and valuation-related information on real estate assets in India. We are working on using big data and machine learning to clean up land records and open up 'dead' capital for financing for households across the country. The ultimate vision is to remove the uncertainty of title and provide clear property rights for a billion people.

Our principles

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”
Maslow’s Law of the Instrument

The mechanics of real estate transactions involve urban economics, law, history and politics. Solving tough problems requires us to view them as a synthesis of multiple factors rather than seeing them as being attributable to any one singular factor. We aspire to be generalist specialists who view problems in a multidisciplinary lens.

“..it requires, to be sure, a more penetrating eye and a more favorable inclination to advance what is imperfect and evolving than to see through it in its imperfection and deny it.”
Nietsche, in Human, All Too Human

We aspire to embrace the imperfections inherent in the problems we are dealing with and power through with a positive get-it-done attitude.

“If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch”
Rudyard Kipling, in “If”

One percent of the team is greater than 100 percent of me. We aspire to always be humble, conscientious and honest.

Hiring process

  • Applying

    Prospective candidates must fill up and submit the application form, along with their resume. You can add some relevant links to the resume showcasing your prior work.

  • What we look for in your application?

    We will screen prospective candidates by using a multitude of parameters, including the answers written in the application and any relevant prior work experience. We value candidates who are willing to take initiative in their work and display an inclination to learn new things. In the case of technical applicants, we are looking for candidates with excellent Github profiles showcasing interesting projects, open source contributions and clear documentation skills.

  • First round interview

    Candidates with the best application forms shall be sent a Calendly invite which will allow them to select their preferred time slot for a video interview. If the candidate is in Bangalore, the interview will take place in person. The first interview round will consist of a mix of technical and non-technical questions. Technical candidates will be asked to live code a problem. Non-technical candidates will be asked domain-specific questions. Selected individuals for full-time positions shall get a response within 10 days on the status of application. Candidates applying for part-time positions who clear this round shall be extended an offer letter also within 10 days.

  • Second round interview

    Full-time candidates who clear the first round interview process shall be directed to a second round interview with the reporting manager and team members, specifically the team members with whom they will be working if selected. This interview round will mostly be a cultural fit check to ascertain if the shortlisted candidate can mingle well with the co-workers.

  • Offer letter

    On clearing the cultural round with the TEAL team members, the full time candidate shall be offered a position at TEAL post a general conversation with the founders.

    All applications on our website will be screened diligently by our hiring team. Candidates who have taken the time to fill out the questionnaire shall be informed about the status of their applications, whether shortlisted or rejected within a two-week period.


  • Ongoing learning & development

    Your ongoing development and growth are vital to our success. You will be encouraged to own, direct and control your learning opportunities to continuously get better. We would be more than happy to support you in endeavors to learn and grow together.

  • 30 days of paid leave every year

    We want you to take at least 30 working days off per year. This is in addition to any public holidays. Our dedicated sick days are there for you when you need to recuperate. We have no upper limit but again, try to think of your team when booking your leave.

  • Free snacks and beverages in the office

    Maintaining a full tank is critical at TEAL. With fully stocked kitchen of snacks, and strong caffeine, we keep our team energized with the sustenance they need to be at their best.


Delvin Chacko

I completed a 3-month internship at TEAL, primarily working on research and outreach activities for the company. During my time at TEAL, I was able to hone my writing skills under the guidance of TEAL's co-founder and CEO, Kshitij Batra. I was also given the opportunity to learn to work on different applications and test the company's flagship platform. The team members are friendly and extremely intelligent. In addition to this, everyone is very hardworking and ever-ready to do any sort of grunt work to meet the company goals, regardless of their position in the firm. Working in such a friendly and motivating environment was an amazing experience for me!

Delvin ChackoResearch Intern
Gyan Vardhan

My experience at TEAL surpassed all my expectations from the get-go. I was asked to help solve one of the most daunting problems in the Indian real estate market. Every day while working on a subset of the problem, the ideas that I brought to the table were shaped into cohesive solutions by a collaborative team effort. At TEAL I was exposed to the most cutting edge technologies such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, ML and Data Science. The growth opportunities at TEAL are tremendous, If you are innovative and can demonstrate the will to realize your ideas, TEAL is an amazing organization to work for.

Gyan VardhanData Science Intern
Naga Anjaneyulu

I had interned as a Data Scientist at Terra Economics and Analytics Lab during its early days, it was a rich learning experience working with a multi-disciplinary team who are extremely passionate about building a decision support platform for the insanely complicated realty market in India. It was exciting and challenging to work on mining huge volumes of property records; extracting patterns from the data, building data pipelines and brainstorming on building the core system. TEAL offers a very healthy work environment coupled with insanely talented people working together in an exciting setting.

Naga AnjaneyuluData Science Intern
Archana Parmar

I worked as a full-time Data science intern at TEAL. During this period, I got an opportunity to leverage my skillsets while also learning new technologies, working on tasks assigned to me. The company operates on the latest tech-stacks and gives opportunities to learn as much as you want. The work environment is challenging, the team at TEAL is super supportive and new ideas are always welcome. It has all the good perks of a startup; creativity and innovation, casual work atmosphere and a collaborative approach to solving problems. Personally, I loved working there, my experience was fantastic!

Archana ParmarData Science Intern
Arush Mehra

As a second-year college student, I was looking for an internship that would allow me to delve deeper into research and work with big data, TEAL gave me the perfect opportunity to do so, enabling me to develop proficiency in research and analysis. As a research analyst intern, I collated and cleaned data and helped in the preparation of reports and presentations, and I had members helping me at every stage of this process. This collaborative environment allowed me to cultivate my skills and also learn from my peers. The holy trinity of Rohan, Kshitij, and Shreyas served as not only excellent mentors and bosses but also as friends, helping me at every stage and giving us all food and ice cream to keep us going!

Arush MehraResearch Intern
Divyanshu Agarwal

Internships are a crucial part of one’s early career. The internship experience at TEAL was a thrilling rollercoaster ride to say the least! It was more than implementing a standard model or building an already though out concept into reality. It was about finding the solution to a unique and open-ended problem.It was exciting to work on addressing a problem with far -reaching real world applications.Moreover, the work environment had the perfect balance of casual yet professional which kept you focused and stress free at the same time. Out of every 100 startups in India only 2 of them succeed, but there are very few like TEAL India which are bound to make it big at such an early stage.

Divyanshu AgarwalNLP Intern