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Property due diligence simplified —

Finding property information is hard. We are here to make it easy!

The lack of a centralized land and real estate data ecosystem in India can (and often does) cause issues when transacting on property. At TEAL we provide an end-to-end decision support platform, combining data from an exhaustive number of government and private authorities to enable you to form holistic property insights at an address level!

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Cutting-edge technology

Our revolutionary platform leverages big data and machine learning algorithms to deliver a seamless experience across the document discovery process.

State of the art data processing capabilities

We collate, classify and curate data from across multiple sources to simplify your real estate due-diligence journey.

Seamless experience

Our integrated search function allows you to explore relevant property data on an easy-to-use interface.

Customised property reports

We deliver near-instant property reports curated to your use case. The reports can be requested through our website or through our dedicated WhatsApp channel.

Extensive product range

We offer a wide range of products and services so that you can pick and choose the ones that are best suited to your needs.

Risk scoring

We deploy our industry-leading risk scoring methodologies to quantitatively measure the viability of your property investments.


Our journey so far —

Leveraging the best of big data analytics and machine learning to drive innovation in the real estate sector nationwide.






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Trusted by companies big and small.

We partner with some of the leading mortgage finance companies, fintech aggregators and law firms in India to provide innovative solutions around land and real estate markets.

Kotak Mahindra Bank
Embassy group
Tata Capital
AGRIM Housing Finance
Homefirst finance
Kuliza Technology
Sysarc Infomatix
Loan Bazaar

Powering end-to-end decision support —

One platform, numerous use cases.

The absence of a streamlined real estate and property data ecosystem in India frequently gives rise to complications in property transactions. At TEAL, our proprietary data algorithms simplify the real estate transaction process by enabling organisations and individuals with actionable, real-time insights to drive strategy, revenue and manage risk effectively.

Address verification

Unlock instant property reports using a multitude of criteria to make informed lending decisions.

Underwrite with confidence

Mitigate risk with reports and data that help you evaluate the viability of one or more properties at an address level.

Portfolio and asset tracking

Configure a real time, intelligent, secure solution to receive updates and notifications on changes in a properties status over time.

Media coverage

Property information. Anytime. Anywhere.

Leverage the best of big data analytics and machine learning to quickly verify ownership and transaction history at an address level.

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